I'm an art director, photographer, make-up artist, stylist, retoucher and set designer.

With OneAgainAtPeaceToFly, I wanted to address my very deep insecurity as an "artist" if I can say : despite Art being one of the strongest and most effective approach to raising awareness on diverse issues, I have always found myself to be pretty useless to the world by just giving into my passion for creating universes just for the sake of doing it and enjoying it, especially in a time like ours where there's so much at stakes for humanity.

I feel that art is a mouth that can say a lot, but it feels also like it looks like the guy who always goes on talking about how he'd change the world every day but never takes action in that direction. And I don't want my attempt of creating art to be as illusive and naive.

Though a lot of artists may find denouncing an issue to be enough (and that is to be respected), I want my photography to bring tangible resources to the table when it comes to the matter that's exposed.
And even if I love to think that good thoughts can change the world, I reckon that the real important changes that are to be made are due to great ideas combined with strong and precise action.

To be relevant, the action taken to solve an issue in the real world has to be implemented by the right people with the corresponding amount of material resources - and that's exactly what I want my photography to help finance.

Each theme that is displayed on the Instagram account stands for one issue that I'd like to address (feathers are for the protection of birds, nature inspired themes are to get people on board with preserving the environment...).

Through a crowdfunding relevant to the current theme of the IG page, the goal is to gather funds to help one leading charity involved in solving the issue that was just brought.

I do not take any form of commission on any of the donations made towards the charity and you can find, on this link, documents that testifies that the to the chosen association received the funds.

So no background, no furniture, no stuff, no clothing, or make up or lighting or anything you'll see on the pictures or on set have been bought thanks to commission, this is all my personal money from my other job that I have personally invested in the project.

However, if anybody does buy me a print or digital artwork, the amount paid won't go to the charity but in my pockets (gotta pay the bills).

The goal is for everyone who can to try to give $1 by person per fund raising (there are approximately 2 per month so it's less than the cost of a soda at the bar),

Hoping you'll participate

Love and peace to fly